Feb 25, 2017

Harvey Mandel - Cristo Redentor (1968, 2003)

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This gently psychedelic album is another of my vinyl bargain bin discoveries from the early ‘70s, which I picked up only because I knew Harvey Mandel had played with my favourites Canned Heat and John Mayall. Best known as a sideman – he later auditioned for the Rolling Stones on Mick Taylor’s departure - this was Harvey’s first solo work, dating from 1968, and an impossibly young-looking Mandel is pictured on the back artwork, a diminutive figure dwarfed by his big Gibson 355. The grooves within demonstrate not only his virtuosity on guitar, but also why his tenure with Heat and Mayall was so brief and why the Stones declined to hire him. Mayall described his technique as “Harvey’s wall of sound”, which aptly encompasses his early mastery of controlled feedback through his customised Bogan amplifier, and his later featuring of two-handed tapping, well before EVH got hold of that particular trick.
This album is completely instrumental, a rarity in pop-psych terms; the only voice to be heard is that of a wordless soprano singer on the title track. However, the stylistic diversity of the tunes and the variety of the backing tracks means that it is by no means repetitive. It was mostly recorded in LA and Nashville, using the top rhythm section sessioneers of both camps: Art Stavro and Eddie Hoh from the Wrecking Crew, stalwarts of the early Monkees sessions, and Bob Moore and Kenny Buttrey, soon to anchor Dylan’s Nashville Skykine. The LA tracks also feature tight string and brass arrangements, while the Nashville ones benefit from Pete Drake’s sympathetic pedal steel accompaniment.
The album as a whole is the best late-night-listening record I know of, beautifully laid-back funky arrangements fronted by a bewildering array of restrained guitar tricks from Mandel, dazzling but never flashy or tasteless. The titles give the idea: “Lights Out”, “Nashville 1AM”, “Before Six”. “Cristo Redentor” is Portuguese for Christ The Redeemer, and this title track is the exception to the rule of funk, being a solemn, operatic piece.
“Before Six” features some of Harvey’s most mind-boggling sustain work, the sound looping wildly between the stereo speakers, plus a mouth-watering cameo on Hammond by longtime LA collaborator Barry Goldberg and tasty brass stabs throughout. “You Can’t Tell Me” is funkier than your average Nashville session, with Harvey wringing out the best Memphis scale licks I’ve ever heard, intertwining with Pete Drake’s slippery steel chords.
The CD reissue, on the estimable Raven label from Australia, dates from 2003 and includes bonus tracks from Harvey’s Canned Heat days and from his own short-lived instrumental band, Pure Food & Drug Act. None of these quite live up to the quality of the solo album tracks, though Heat’s “Let’s Work Together” - the nearest Harvey ever got to being a pop star - has a certain boozy charm.
On this CD release the two sides of the original vinyl have been reversed, probably to make the best-known track, “Wade In The Water”, the leadoff track. The original running order works better, so if you get hold of this CD, play tracks 6-10 followed by tracks 1-5 for the most satisfying programme.
1. Wade In The Water
2. Lights Out
3. Bradley's Barn
4. You Can't Tell Me
5. Nashville 1 A.M.
6. Christo Redentor
7. Before Six
8. The Lark
9. Snake
10. Long Wait
Bonus Tracks:
11. Spirit Of Trane
12. My Time Ain't Long
13. Let's Work Together
14. That's All Right
15. A Little Soul Food
16. What Comes Around Goes Around
17. My Soul's On Fire
18. Which Witch Is Which

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Feb 24, 2017

Andy Pratt - Records Are Like Life (1969, 2009)


1. Wet Daddy
2. Oliver
3. Shiny Susie
4. Little Boy Hound Dog
5. Bella Bella
6. Mindy
7. Low Tide Island
8. Records + Records (Records Are Like Life)

Andy Pratt - lead and background vocals, guitars,
bass guitars, piano, accordion, sitar, tabla, clavinet
John Nagy - guitars, mandolin, mandola, mandocello
Gary Anderson - flute, baritone and tenor saxophones
Anastasios Karatza - electric guitars, hi-hat
Jim Thompson - electric guitars
Jesse Henderson - drums
Abraham Laboriel - bass guitars
Bill Elliot - organ
Nick Koumoutseas - backing vocals
Additional musicians:
Roger Hock - trombone
Bob McCarthy - acoustic guitar on "Call Up That Old Friend"
John Payne - clarinet
Juma Santos - congas
Rick Shlosser - bongos

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Feb 22, 2017

Pure Prairie League - If The Shoe Fits / Just Fly / Dance (2 CD, 2013)

Digitally remastered two CD set containing a trio of albums from the criminally under-rated Country Rock band. If the Shoe Fits was their fourth album and was originally released in 1976. It was followed the same year by Dance. Just Fly was the band's seventh album and was released in 1978.

If The Shoe Fits (1976):
1. That'll Be The Day
2. I Can Only Think Of You
3. Sun Shone Lightly
4. Long Cold Winter
5. Lucille Crawfield
6. Gimme Another Chance
7. Aren't You Mine
8. You Are So Near To Me
9. Out In The Street
10. Goin' Home
Just Fly (1978):
11. Place In The Middle
12. Slim Pickin's
13. Love Will Grow
14. You Don't Have To Be Alone
15. Love Is Falling
16. Just Fly
17. Lifetime
18. Working In The Coal Mine
19. My Young Girl
20. Bad Dream

Dance (1976):
1. Dance
2. In The Morning
3. All The Way
4. Living Each Day At A Time
5. Fade Away
6. Tornado Warning
7. Catfishin'
8. Help Yourself
9. San Antonio
10. All The Lonesome Cowboys

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Dec 11, 2016

Murray McLauchlan And The Silver Tractors (Canada) - Hard Rock Town (1977) Vinyl-rip


1. Love Comes And Goes
2. Poor Boys
3. The Man Who Sings The Blues
4. Love Can Make Ya
5. Well, Well, Well
6. Hard Rock Town
7. Immigrant
8. Sweet Song Of Asia
9. When The Taxman Comes
10. Straight Outa Midnight

Murray McLauchlan - guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals
Jørn Andersen - drums, percussion, vocals
Gene Martynec - guitar
Dennis Pendrith - bass, vocals
Ben Mink - fiddle, mandolin, backing vocals, strings (B2)
Kathryn Moses - flute (A5)
Ronney Abramson - vocals (A1, B5)

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Dec 6, 2016

Binder Károly - Keresztes Ildikó - Varga Gábor - Holnaptol Mas Lesz... (2008)

A work by Trio consisting of Hungarian actress and rock singer Keresztes Ildiko, pianist Binder Karoly, Varga Gabor. A collection of ballads played by bands composed of piano, bass, guitar, saxophonist, trumpet, and drum, centering on husky and powerful Keresztes Ildiko. It is a good work that veteran artists come to enjoy delicately with various types of ballads such as dramatic rock ballads, astringent jazz ballads, ballads like pop songs, the more they listen, the better the taste comes out. Interesting is the magical resonance of Magyar (Hungarian). It is a "ballads collection for adults" which bites both acid and sweet.
1. Add meg nekem
2. Rabló lélek
3. Holnaptól más lesz a világ
4. Mától már
5. Háromszáz éven át
6. Élj velem
7. Megláttalak
8. Róma
9. Úton
10. Úgy kérlek

Keresztes Ildikó - vocal
Binder Károly - piano
Varga Gábor - piano
Glaser Péter - bass
Delov Jávor - drums
Hámori János - trumpet
Gábor Juhász - acoustic guitar
Tamás Mohai - electric guitar
Mihály Borbély - soprano sax

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Dec 4, 2016

Doucette - Mama Let Him Play (1977)


1. Down The Road
2. Back Off
3. When She Loves Me
4. People Say
5. All I Wanna Do
6. Mama Let Him Play
7. What's Your Excuse?
8. It's Gonna Hurt So Bad
9. Keep On Running
10. Love Is Gonna Find You

Duris Maxwell - drums, percussion
Don Cummings - bass
Brent Shindell - rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar
Robbie King - keyboards
Jerry Doucette - rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals

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Nov 28, 2016

Goddo - In Goddo We Trust (1991)

1. Was It Somethin' I Said?
2. Please Baby Please
3. Drop Dead (That's Who)
4. Sweet Thing
5. Oh Carole (Kiss My Whip)
6. Too Much Carousing
7. Under My Hat
8. The Bus Driver Blues
9. Anacanapanacana
10. So Walk On
11. Chantal
12. There Goes My Baby
13. Tough Time
14. Cock On

Goddo is:
Greg Godovitz
Gino Scarpelli
Doug Inglis

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Rip & scans by rockandheart